An Online Magazine for Young Women

This blog was created to provide an easily accessible magazine for young women that is online. Titled 24 Blogazine, the focus will be similar to that of a traditional magazine (i.e. Glamour, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Vogue). This would include beauty, skin care, fashion and hair tips as well as health awareness and news from all over the world that all pertain to women in their early twenties.

My hope is that this Blogazine will reach young ladies from all paths of life and will be relevant to their everyday needs, dreams and desires. I chose the number 24 to represent a year of excitement and youthfulness. The early 20s are pivotal years for a young woman because they are on their own; they are either in college or have graduated and are on a new career path. One way or another, their lives are full of new challenges.

These times can often be confusing and unsettling. However, finding stability is something a 24 year old can do. She begins her journey trying to determine what she wants to be, looking both inward and outward, trying to discover what she wants to represent in this chaotic world we live in. With this in mind I thought to myself, “why not help her?” “Why not help myself too?” This Blogazine will inspire and empower young women to ignite their inner beauty; it will provide them with a means to learn about health issues that affect us when we’re young and offer style tips that will help bring out the diva in all of us.

-24 yr. old blogger

P.S. if you have have any questions or ideas, feel free to email me at