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ZocDoc – Find a Doc Fast!

Hello ladies, blog readers and friends! ZocDoc is a new site 24 Blogazine has had the privilege of discovering recently. It is a free service site, founded in 2007, that allows you book doctor appointments online. Fascinating, eh? No more having to call doctors to request an appointment that is a month or two away (calling all NYers- you know what I’m talking about).

When we first came across their site, after hearing word from a friend, we thought the world needed to hear about how remarkable this site is, not to mention, it was named the best place to work in NYC by Crain Magazine. It has also been featured by major publications, such as The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and CNN to name a few.

We are so impressed with ZocDoc so we have come up with 5 reasons why you should check out their site!

1. Do you need to find a doctor fast? With ZocDoc you can book appointments anytime and there is no need to call anyone!

2. Are you having trouble finding a doctor in your area? ZocDoc allows you to enter in the specialist you’re looking for along with your zip code! Fill in what type of insurance you have and you’ll be able to book an appointment instantly! Impressed yet?

3. Would you like to read a review about a doctor before you visit them? You can do that with ZocDoc:

4. Would you like the flexibility of finding a doctor on the day and time that works best for you? You can do that with ZocDoc:

5. All in all, would you like to find a good doctor or specialist in less than five minutes and three easy steps? You can do just that with ZocDoc:

We hope those were convincing enough reasons why you should check out ZocDoc. The process of booking an appointment is easy, simple and without hassle! And that’s not all; ZocDoc has a new upcoming initiative and we are very excited about this as well. They are launching an ambassador program, informing the world about healthcare and the importance of healthy living.

Flora Wu, the coordinator of the program says “ZocStar is a community of people who care about healthcare.  As one of ZocDoc’s select ambassadors, ZocStars get free stuff, invitations to exclusive ZocDoc-sponsored events, and the chance to try out cool, new services before they’re available to the public – all for helping introduce the world to ZocDoc.” If you’re interested in the program, please email Flora – for more information.

Tell us: Will you be checking out pretty soon? If so, please leave a note and tell us about your experience. We’d love to hear it.


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