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Cool Shapes Product Review

This time of year is always so hectic and there never seems to be enough time in the day to do everything you’ve planned to do, such as exercising. Ladies, no need to diet or plan a strict exercise regiment; we may have just the thing you’ve been searching for.

Lark MacPhail, FreezeAwayFat co-founder, recently contacted 24 Blogazine to feature their new product, Cool Shapes, which are contouring shorts equipped with cold therapy gel inserts that allow you to stay home for just 30 min a day while causing your white fat cells to wither and be eliminated. Cool Shapes, Lark says, gets “rid of stubborn fatty deposits resistant to diet and exercise.”

This is such a great method to lose weight, right?

Cool Shapes was recently featured on the raved about show The Doctors, as well as MSN and ABCNews/Health. Check out this video on how the innovative, Cool Shapes product works.

Also, stay tuned for two testimonials by 27 and 50 year 0ld women who have tested the product for the past five weeks. We will document their results on in the December Issue.


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