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Whooga Ugg Boots, The Inside Scoop

Do you know what ugg boots are? A better question is, what are authentic ugg boots? I mean, we’ve all heard of uggs and of course every one of us dreams of owning a pair, and before we go into detail about Whooga let’s learn about what uggs are made of and how amazing they can be. An ugg is a boot made of sheepskin with a wool lining and leather as exterior.

24 Blogazine got an exclusive scoop on Whooga thanks to Kimberly Stone of Poshglam, who spread the word to us. What differentiates the Whooga Ugg boot from the traditional Australian Ugg that everyone craves to have in their closet? One thing for sure is that Whooga’s are ecofriendly! This is so essential for the environment and it means you are wearing all natural material- way to go for saving the world. Exclusive to whooga is the thermofleece technology which makes the boot softer and warmer as if you’re “wearing summer on your toes,” as well as allowing more air to circulate in the boot (hint: prevents sweating and foot odor).

Whooga’s come in three different sizes, various colors and a weave style; from the brand’s website you can learn which would look best for you based on your size and style. It also has a reinforced heel making it better fitting for your feet and has a durability that makes it look more fashionable for a longer time.

Did we mention that Whooga’s are reasonably priced? Prices generally range from $114 (mini uggs) to $124 (tall classic uggs). The metallic one is our favorite for only $134! You can fold it over for a short look with mini shorts or a skirt.

How much more authentic can an ugg boot get? Please visit their website for more information, reviews and excellent tips on how to wear a Whooga. The most important thing you’ll discover is the feel of Whooga, because as Fashion by Ally says, “It’s almost like a teddy bear inside.”


2 thoughts on “Whooga Ugg Boots, The Inside Scoop

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