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Eminent Fash 2011 Spring Fashion Show

Saturday night is when many are out at a bar, lounge or club in NYC. Designer Larissa Muehleder combined the two with her fashion show at the Empire State Building Lounge. It was an event open to the public, publicized on twitter and anyone could RSVP to attend. The event was attended by well-dressed fashionable people and others just looking to have a good time. The element that could not be dismissed was the abundance of photographers capturing Larisssa’s night of colorful, edgy and eminent ambiance.

Larissa’s Spring 10/11 collection is inspired by the corset and displays lots of bright colors.

Larissa is known for making dresses that flatter and showcase a woman’s personality. She notes in her online bio that she loves making prom dresses for teenage girls because, “many girls battle with low self-esteem, which is really sad because every girl should feel beautiful inside and out. If I can make these girls drop all boundaries and insecurities for at least that one night then I have completed my goal as a designer.”

If you’re looking for a dress that’ll make your personality pop and will do wonders for your body, check out Larissa’s collection in stores now! I love the picture of Larissa (above) with her bold lips, big hair and colorful dress. This is a woman who is proud of who she is and isn’t afraid to show it! Go chica!



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