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Glowing Skin at Every Age

It’s so much easier for ladies like J-Lo and Madonna to have glowing skin than the average gal. But do not fret, what you can do to ensure you have the most beautiful glowing skin is to follow what is best for you at your age.

In your 20’s, keep makeup simple, use non-comedogenic  face wash, and always moisturize with an SPF15. As far as beautifying oneself, be bold and don’t be afraid to use a shimmering blush and a tinted moisturizer for an extra glow. Hayden keeps her skin clear of pimples and it just radiates.

During your 30’s, your face requires a bit of more maintenance for a radiant look. By now your skin will have changed from your 20s because it is no longer as supple. Seek a dermatologist for a consult. Stay away from the sun and make sure you wash and moisturize twice a day. Zoe has very little makeup and still looks stunning. Focus on the eyes and here’s a tip: wear an eye cream at night.

If you want to look just as good as J-LO and Madonna in your 4o – 50s, you may want to take advantage of some of the anti-aging products on the market. Don’t rush to get botox; embrace who you are at this age. Remember to exfoliate, keep skin hydrated and treat those wrinkles and fine lines.


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