Worst Fashion Trends

I have no clue what these ladies were thinking before they stepped out in these “no-no” outfits. Maggie Gyllenhaal, in her vintage ruffled dress, looks 10 years older, RiRi appears as though she was ravaged by a cat and Ciara is being eaten by her fluffly sweater!

Ladies, take note that these are not outfits to be worn for any occasion. Amber Rose, in her ripped leggings, looks cute from her face to her hips but the leggings have got to go. Ripped anything should be left to jeans, not tights or leggings. Plus, it also looks like she’s suffocating in her leggings; they are too tight for comfort. Speaking of ripped outfits, Rihanna needs a new dress because the one she’s wearing has been swiped by cat woman. The Danielle Scutt fit is perfect, but she could do without the shreds.

Maggie and Ciara are both wearing outfits that aren’t at all flattering for their shape. The fluffy material has been popular in vests but not in a sweater that is suffocating, not to mention, tied off with a bow. And Maggie’s dress looks a bit too old school for her and is not a great fit. A simple tunic with her leggings and taller booties would’ve been a better choice.

The most interesting trend is left for last: The Spiked Dress. The Blonds model is dressed to kill, literally. She cannot give hugs without impaling someone. It’s a fashion forward styled dress, however the look is dangerous and isn’t practical. The dress paired with the ring is another bad choice unless you feel like you’re in danger. The whole outfit is a no-no. A better option would be Fergie’s The Blonds mini, which has spikes at the top but not all over.

Fergie & Rihanna wearing The Blonds


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