Are you happy with your body?

We can all be overly critical of our selves and our bodies. We name call our thighs and even say we’re too “fat” or too “skinny.” My advice to you is to STOP and just think about what you have been blessed with. You know the way you see yourself is often different from the way others see you so that tells you something right there. Also, if you want things to change, it’s time you took some action, and (a) did some research on what you can do to get your body where you think it should be, and (b) don’t be afraid to seek help from a nutritionist or your healthcare provider. Just make sure you are healthy first and then ask for the next steps.
Here are 5 reasons why you should love the body you’re in:

1. Your body defines who you are; if you don’t love it, who else will? You are uniquely and wonderfully made.
2. Think optimistically. Jot down some things you like about yourself. Is it your eyes that get you many compliments or your hips that make you a curvaceous woman? What is it that makes you stand out?
3. Remember: the important thing is being healthy, and healthiness means different things for different people. Often times people think that women who are curvy aren’t healthy because of their size and, in similar fashion, being skinny is often associated with bulimia; however, these types of beliefs and assumptions are not true most of the time, and simply reflect our society’s ignorance and bias. Take the time to design your unique diet that fits your needs and is still healthy without starving yourself or feeling guilty that you’re eating too much.
4. Find clothes that flatter your body type. That’ll make you happy once you notice that you do look good and that it was just a bad choice of clothes. There are tips to flatter any body type online: just Google : )
5. Exercise. This is the solution for everyone! All of us need to exercise in order to stay healthy. Determine how much exercise you need to do per week. Research online and don’t be afraid to seek help from your healthcare provider or a nutrionist.

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