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Blame it on the Hormones

We all get a little fussy around that time of the month and I know that you know what I’m talking about. But what do you do when you feel angry, depressed or irritable too often? My advice is to blame it on the hormones! Hormones control our body in so many ways; the way we grow, eat, feel, and mate is all determined by the way our hormones are working. So in essence, if you want a well functioning immune and reproductive system, you have to make sure your hormones are working properly.

How do you figure this out?

Make a list of all your symptoms (feelings of irratibility, anger, frustration, etc.)

Find a good gynecologist where you live and have them refer you to an endocrinologist (who understands how hormones work in the body)

If you are on birth control, make sure it is the right pill for you. If you aren’t sure, speak to a gyno or endo.

Lastly, get a blood test that checks all your hormone levels. Your endocrinologist will determine whether your testosterone levels are normal. If not, you might have a hormone imbalance and he/she will help you figure out next steps.

The key to having a well-balanced body is exercising, eating healthy with vegetables and fruits in your diet daily, and living a stress free life. The way to do is to pick up a hobby or do something that makes you happy, such as blogging. Also, making sure you have a regular checkup is very essential to your well-being.


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