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Vanessa Hudgens from the inside, Out

Vanessa shows off her toned abs in a leopard bikini

Vanessa talks love, life & being 21

Vanessa Hudgens has a great, toned body. She’s definitely a 20 something girl that has a lot going on in terms of her career, personal life, and being a healthy 21 year old.

It’s a difficult thing for a young person to learn early on the value of eating healthy and exercising. Vanessa has an exercise routine that she’s kept up for a while now. She does pilates to keep her abs tight and cycling for an overall workout.

V quotes: “I like sitting in the front row of cycling class. I feel like everybody behind me is looking forward, and that pushes me to do my best. […] I like to work out with friends. It gives you someone to look at and say, ‘I’m dying!’ too.”

A great workout strategy is working out with friends, and that pushes you above and beyond what you would normally do on your own.

In terms of eating healthy, Vanessa agrees that dieting is not always the best option. When she tried dieting, she ended up gaining weight, instead she advises to “eat whatever, just in tiny portions.”

 For Vanessa’s 21st birthday party, she was surprised by 100 people, which included Zac, her family and friends. Zac supports her in everything that she does and vice versa.

Hudgens says, ” He always makes me happy. He literally knows exactly what to say to make me laugh.” But V says its important to have a good balance between family, friends and not to get too infatuated with your boyfriend.

Girlfriend just has a lot going on and she should be so proud of herself.


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