Simple Beauty for Spring – Eyes

This Spring is all about simple makeup, period. Dressing your eyes or your lips, but not both, remains the rule. If you want to focus makeup on the eyes, be easy, wear light makeup on the face, and dress to impress with smokey eyes, long lashes or bright eyes!

Covergirl has come up with a new product line, Smoky Shadow Blast, and this is smoky eyes made simple! The colors range from green, blue and purple to bronze, silver and onyx. CG has made it easy for every gal to look purdy in just two easy steps. To achieve Zoe Saldana’s sultry looking eyes, first apply the base color (step 1) around eyelids, and then add the Smoky Shadow Blast (step 2) around the creases of the eyes; and outline the eyes near lash line and you’re done! Choose your Smoky Shadow Blast color not based on what you’re wearing, but what looks good with your eyes and what occassion you’re attending. Be bold, don’t be afraid to try color; purple and green are good options and of course, the silver and onyx, which are traditional smoky eye colors and are perfect for a party or a night out on the town.
More beauty trends this Spring include long, long lashes. Nothing screams true beauty like long lashes. Some women prefer adding fake lashes but for those of you with natural lashes that want a little enhancement, your best friend is mascara! CoverGirl’s Lash Blast Luxe mascara will give you bold, shimmering and big lashes like Kate Bosworth’s. Give it a try and be ready to love your lashes again! Also make sure to keep the rest of your makeup simple. Add a dab of blush on the cheeks and some chaptick or lip gloss.
Rihanna’s bright eyes is a third makeup trend to look for this Spring. Want to know how to achieve this look? First, make sure your eyebrows are threaded or waxed and look clean. Second, have a good skin regiment. In order to have bright eyes, you need a clean face and need to use eye makeup remover. The last thing is to use eyeliner. Black eyeliner is a necessity because it brings out the shape and color of your eyes. This is the case whether you have brown, hazel, green or blue eyes. Line the lower lash line first, and then use eyeliner above the eyelids to complete the eye look. The eyes will begin to look brighter. In order to achieve the bright eyes look, your face has to be glowing like Rihanna’s. To get a glowing complexion, you can do one of two things; get a sunkissed tan or add a peach or pink colored blush to the cheeks. Try CG’s Trublend Microminerals Blush. It’s healthy and will make your cheeks look heavenly.

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