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A good friend of mine advised me to post an article about what I would wear to an interview. And that gave me the greatest idea; why not post different outfits a woman can wear to an interview, whether it’s for an interview with a creative or financial company. There are a few things to keep in mind about what you should wear, in terms of making sure your heels aren’t too high, your skirt isn’t too short, and that the blazer fits you perfectly. Another thing to note is that it’s ok to spend a bit more than you would normally, because this is something you’ll wear quite often and it serves as an investment. Below are four different outfits that are good options for any interview. You can land that job by not only articulating how well you qualify for the position, but also by impressing them with your clean, professional appearance.

Outfit 1

The first interview outfit is perfect for a very professional type of working environment. Black is the perfect color of professionalism. The shirt can be either white or blue, and the pumps should be black as well. Keep it simple, clean and professional, and you’ll definitely be taken seriously.

1. Uniqlo Washable Wool Long Tailored Jacket $89.50

2. Uniqlo Stretch Broadcloth Shirt $19.50

3. Calvin Klein Olive Patent Pump $84.00

4. Uniqlo Wool Pencil Skirt $49.50 

Bottom Options for Outfit 1

Now, if you’re interviewing at a media, advertising or fashion company, you want to maintain the same level of professionalism, but you can wear a non-conservative skirt. A skirt with a belt still says professional, but is also quirky. A satin pencil skirt is fashionable and the dark gray skinny pant is a creative twist on the usual interview suit idea.

 5. Forever 21 Stretch Skirt w/Pyramid Belt $17.80

6. Forever 21 Seam Accent Satin Skirt $15.80

7. Uniqlo Wool Flannel Tapered Trousers $59.50

Outfit 2

Dark gray is a professional color as well and looks chic. If you want to exude sophistication, this is the outfit for you. Again, the pump should always be black and a decent heel. The shirt should be white, since the jacket and skirt are gray. This outfit can be worn for an interview at any type of company, whether it has a professional or creative work environment.

1. Uniqlo Wool Two Buttons Blazer $79.50

2. Uniqlo Fine Cloth Shirt $29.50

3. Uniqlo Wool Pencil Skirt $49.50

4. Nine West Rocha Black Pump $79.00

Outfit 3 - XOXO Suit

This outfit includes a funky skirt and down to earth blazer which is an ideal outfit for a fashion or creative company. Get this suit at Macy’s for $74.96

Outfit 4 - Victoria's Secret Pants Suit

This last outfit is for a professional work situation. Skirt or pant suits both work for an interview. In the view of some, since pants cover your legs, they are more professional. This pin stripe Victoria’s Secret suit is very sharp and looks like you’re ready for that job! The entire outfit costs $99.


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