What’s in for Spring 2010 Fashion?

Heidi Klum says, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out”, and this is not far from the truth, considering every season a new fad is born.  This spring, be on the look out for prints, nudes, flowers, and mixing different prints together.

The color black is always in style, but the way it’s paired this season is with other colors, prints and accessories. The key to being your most fabulous self is by dressing simply with a dress and pumps or a flowery skirt with a plain colored blouse. Think about what prints you want to play up and remember, don’t go overboard.

Diane's blue printed dress looks amazing paired with blacked dotted stockings and black heels.

Leighton's Louis Vuitton flower print skirt is the perfect color for Spring, matched with a pale pink blouse and gray jacket.

Nude colors can be paired with gold, black, or pale or bright colors.

Glee's star, Lea Michele, is ready for Spring in her nude corset top, elegant pale pink skirt and dark metallic pumps.

Keri's nude capri pants can be dressed up or dressed down. She goes for a glam look with a fitted black blazer, colorful pumps and chunky, gold earrings. Talk about sophistication!

 Black dresses are always in style. To create a little bit of flare, add funky jewelry, platform pumps, and a fierce clutch.

Vanessa glows in her flowing, bohemian black dress, matched with big, beautiful necklaces and pumps.


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