Dress your Ears

Are you yearning for a new look? As much as we love to change up our style, our looks have to accompany that too. A great birthday present to yourself could be a cool piercing. Try a tragus or a cartilage piercing for an edgy look like Scarlett Johnasson and Lisa Bonet. The key to a beautiful piercing is to not overcrowd the ears. You want to go for something simple, but cute. Kate Moss, for instance, has many holes in her left ear and if you have small ears, this may not be the look for you. A nose ring can also be interesting but it all depends on your profession or background. Indian women can get away with this look because it’s a tradition for them as it is associated with the female reproductive system. The piercing (usually done in the left nostril) is said to make childbirth easier and lessens period pain. Why not try something new this year and dress your beautiful ears. They deserve some love too.


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