Bundled Up & In Style

From the East to the West coast, everyone’s gotta keep warm. In California, staying cozy doesn’t take much; just a pair of boots and a leather jacket will do. However, in New York, you need a scarf, warm coat and extra layers underneath your jeans. Wherever you reside, you can keep warm but still look stylish.

1. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks cozy in her First Down coat with furry shoulders and snow boots. She is not only dressed for the cold weather, but is absolutely chic.

2. It appears that Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t have to bundle up too much considering she’s sporting a summer shirt, jeans, boots and a leather jacket. She’s dressing warm for Cali weather, and always looking fresh and fashionable.

3. Hayden Panettiere goes casual with her UGG boots, a hooded sweater, leather jacket and a baseball cap.

4. Victoria Beckham never leaves the house unless she’s all decked out. Her signature look: a pair of skinny jeans, cute tank top and, to top it all off, a fur coat and fedora hat.

5. Kate dresses up her black leggings with a snug, striped tunic, comfy scarf and adorable boots.

6. The stylish queen herself, Hillary Duff, looks fierce with over-sized earrings paired with a big scarf, blazer, leggings and riding boots.

7. Who’s that all cozied up under her hoodie? It’s Zoe Kravitz matching casual with dressed up wear. She combines an oversized hoodie with a pair of boyfriend jeans and high heal sandals. The look is superb!

8. Halle Berry is staying warm and dry underneath her umbrella with a leather jacket, huge scarf, extra layers and tall boots.


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