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Marisa Miller from the Inside, Out

Look at that gorgeous bod!

Marisa Miller has the one of the most incredible bodies in the world. It’s no surprise that she was chosen to be one of Victoria’s Secret newest angels. I was recently reading a Self magazine article in which Marisa discussed how she maintains her healthy, sexy bod from the inside, out.

For your inner beauty, Marisa recommends never leaving the house without eating. Her signature breakfast includes mixing soy or almond milk, yogurt, banana, and a scoup of protein powder with frozen organic fruit. Throw it all in the blender and you’re set to go.  Secondly, she suggests getting eight hours of sleep every night. If not, you will mess with your metabolism and you will either have too much of an appetite or none at all. Finally, Marisa advises us to cook when we can. She recommenda cooking things that are simple and take only ten minutes. For instance: noodles, pasta sauce and frozen veggies.

Marisa always has a beautiful, sunkissed glow

 Your outer beauty is also important in maintaing a healthy body. Marisa urges us to take cold showers because they not only revive your body, but make your body firmer and younger looking. Also, don’t forget that in order to have a hot bod on the outside you have to workout. Doing cardio is a very important form of exercise that not only tones, but helps you maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, Marisa advises us to make sure we have the right bra for our bust. A lot of times women can go for a long time believing they are a 34B when they’re indeed a 32C. The last thing to do to look good on the outside according to Marisa is to fake the sun. I mean who doesn’t look good with a tan? She recommends the Victoria’s Secret Bare Bronze Daily Glow Moisturizer, which brings out your natural skin tone and gives it a sunkissed glow.

Thanks Marisa for your tips and tricks. We’ll be working on our bods to look more like yours. xoxo

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