Look at me Earrings

This year has been all about big, bold jewelry. From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings, everything has to be grande and all about the bling bling. I am a huge fan of long earrings, but they need to be light-weight so my pierced ears aren’t stretched. I’ve included a few blinged out earrings from stars Heidi and Beyonce as well as two runway models. These women give us great ideas on what to wear for upcoming holiday events. Next, I will include necklaces, bracelets and ring ideas for the rest of the year. The goal is to enter 2010 in style!

Get these looks for much less:

  1. Heidi Klum’s silver and coral leaf shaped earrings will bring out any dressy outfit. ALDO OSSO Gold $35.00
  2. It’s all about the shape for this look. Forever 21 Cecilia Chain Earrings $6.80 /TopShop Chain & Stone Hoops $30.00
  3. Zac Posen’s silver coined earrings are absolutely fabulous with a lil’ dab of purple on the lips. TopShop Black Leaf Earring $22.00
  4. Beyonce’s Chanel disco bling looks hot and you can buy this exact look at Topshop: Disco Ball Earrings $25.00

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