Rihanna is a strong woman

rihanna strong

Rihanna is looking fierce as usual, during fashion week 2009

“I am a strong person and this happened to me… it can happen to anybody,” said Rihanna in last night’s 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer. RiRi spoke strongly on behalf of many abused woman in the world and shared her perspective on what every girl should do in an abusive relationship – leave…”F love.”

What was more inspiring about this interview was the fact that Ri spoke honestly about what happened to her and why she went back to Brown after the altercation. It reigns true for so many women about why they go back to men who hurt them. We tell the lie to ourselves that it never happened so that we can move forward with our lives. But what happens continues to replay in our minds and we never think of that person we so blindly loved the same again.

Rihanna went on to explain that when she realized she was being selfish and irresponsible in going back to Chris Brown, and that her example could lead to other young women going back to their violent men and getting hurt again, she immediately changed her mind and split with Brown. If this doesn’t prove that Ri IS a strong woman, I don’t know what does.

We as women have to be there for one another and thank each other for support, strength and guidance. And no, we’re not bff’s with Rihanna, but we sure learned a great deal from her experience and we have to thank her for that.

Thanks RiRi and you ARE a strong, sophisticated and awesome woman!


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